Facials are multiple-step treatments that cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin. Facials boost the life and health of your skin. They promote a clear, hydrated complexion helping your skin look younger and fresher. All of our facials with a double cleanse. Depending on the type of facial you get will determine the following steps, but to summarize most include some type of exfoliation, extractions and a mask. While your masks sets, we provide a complimentary arm scrub and massage. We also offer many add-ons including LED light therapy, dermaplaning and hydrojelly masks.

We recommend getting facials once a month to help maintain your glow! M Medical Spa offers a variety of professional facials for all different skincare needs. Your esthetician will recommend a custom facial treatment plan that works best for your skin care needs. All of our facials can be made pregnancy or breastfeeding safe! Be sure to include that in your consultation form, and mention it to your esthetician.   Check out our facial menu below, and if you are ready to book your appointment, you can book here: Book Your Appointment.

M Medical Signature Facial

75 Minutes | $175

The ultimate rejuvenating and pampering experience, totally customized to what your skin needs. Your skin will be hydrated, exfoliated and absolutely glowing. This deluxe facial includes a double cleanse, dermaplaning, exfoliation which may include an enzyme exfoliation, hydrodermabrasion (what we use in the hydrofacial), extractions (if needed), LED light therapy, and a mask, all completed with finishing products.


60 Minutes | $125

A great way to get a deep clean and exfoliation, for those who don’t want it all, or maybe doesn’t like dermaplanning. This facial will be based all around the hydrodermabrasion.  Which removes dead skin cells and impurities, while delivering moisturizing serums into the skin.


35 Minutes | $85

This is a great express facial for those who want to be dermaplaned but may not have all the time to commit to a full facial. This express treatment includes a double cleanse, oil planing (dermaplaning with oil), light papaya enzyme followed with a mask and finishing products. This gives an amazing post dermaplane glow.

Men's Facial

45 Minutes | $85

A deep cleanse that every man needs! A great way to exfoliate off all the dead skin and leave the skin feeling refreshed.


45 Minutes | $75

If you are suffering from acne on your back than this is the treatment for you! We will cleanse, exfoliate and perform hydrodermabrasion, plus a hydrating and calming mask to finish. Even if you don’t have acne, this will do wonders for you because we all have build up of skin on our back due to it being a hard place to reach.


40 Minutes | $65

Great for teenagers who need some extra deep cleaning due to congestion. We use kid-friendly, safe facial products that will hydrate the skin and protect their skin’s delicate barrier.


  • Glowing hydrated skin
  • Redness around extraction sites
  • Possible purging in white heads or pimples after extractions
  • Relaxed state of mind



  • Go without makeup the day and night of your treatment.
  • If using retinol or some kind of retinoid, we recommend not using a few days before your treatment.
  • Don’t excessively sweat right after your treatment.
  • Always apply sunscreen to your bare skin, under makeup or we recommend using a tinted sunscreen.
  • Make sure to use a clean pillowcase the night of your treatment.

Please Take a Moment to Read Over Our After Care Details


Varies on the facial. Expect to take 3o minutes to an hour.

We recommend contacting us for a free consultation so we can help you choose a facial that works best for your skin needs!

We use products that cleanse and rid your skin of excess oil and dead skin cells helping to promote a clear complexion.

Yes. Facials are as beneficial for men just as they are for women. 

If possible, arrive with no makeup on. 

Varies by client. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend booking a facial at least 7 days before any special event so your skin has time to recover.

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