If you are planning to receive treatment the same day as your one-on-one consultation, that’s great! Here’s what you need to know.

We are so excited that you are considering taking the next step towards healthy, glowing skin. Before your consultation or first-time appointment with us (YAY!), we recommend filling out our online consultation form.  We also highly recommend checking out our aftercare instructions ahead of your appointment. You may need to rearrange certain things based off when you schedule your facial or treatment. For example, we do not recommend going to the gym or sauna right after your facial or microneedling appointment. You need to give your skin about 12 hours to recoup after your appointment. 

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Come With a Clean Face

We mean it, freshly washed and no makeup. A clean face helps speed up our time together so we can see your skin in its natural state to recommend a custom plan. If you are coming directly from work, we have an oil cleanser and face wash you can use to remove it once you arrive to the spa.

Know Your Products

It’s best if you write down in your phone notes or on a piece of paper the products that you are using in your skincare routine. That way we know everything that is going on your face. Be specific. You may also take photos. Bringing them in works too. Whatever works for you!

Plan Accordingly

Be sure to stop any strong actives like tretinoin about a week prior to your appointment. Drink lots of water prior and try not to drink alcohol prior. Be sure to review our aftercare instructions on how to plan accordingly after your appointment with us.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Skin?