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What Is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a treatment where your esthetician will apply a chemical solution to the face, neck, back or body that induces a controlled injury to the skin. There are many types of peels available, at different levels of intensity ranging from light, to superficial and as deep as medium. We offer all 3 levels of peels at M Medical Spa. Peels are used to treat a variety of skin conditions, and we know which peel is best for your skin concern. 


There are SO MANY benefits of chemical peels. Teenagers suffering from acne can greatly benefit from light chemical exfoliation. As well as adults suffering from signs of aging like sun spots, texture and wrinkles. 

Skin Prep is Required

If you are interested in getting a peel, it is required that you properly prepare your skin for it. It is not advisable to receive a treatment of chemical exfoliation if you have never used a chemical exfoliant in your skincare routine. Once your skin has been exposed to these types of skincare ingredients your skin will react much differently (in a good way) than if you never used an AHA on your skin, and then received a medium depth peel, for example. THE PRE care is just as IMPORTANT as the POST care. This is why we require a consultation in order to receive a chemical peel treatment from us. 

Brands of Peels We Use & Love





What to Expect

Your esthetician will advise you on your pre and post care necessary to achieve optimal results. Most superficial to medium depth peels require a couple days of down time. Meaning, your face will be peeling or flaking away, sometimes pretty significantly, depending on the peel used. We typically require you to plan your peel around a time that you can stay home, away from the sun, with no major plans. Plenty of our clients have no problem going out in public, but that varies on a client by client basis. We typically find that most will begin peeling by DAY 3 and will peel for about 2-3 days following. Any left over dry patches, we highly recommend using a thick hydrating cream, or this would be a great time to break out a face oil for extra hydration. We have an amazing post peel kit we provide you with to ensure you have amazing results too!

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