Face Reality Acne Bootcamp


What is acne?

Acne is an inherited disorder of the pores —- pores that shed dead skin cells faster than normal. Normal pores shed about one layer of dead skin cells per day inside the pore. The acne-prone pore sheds up to five layers of dead skin cells per day and the body just can’t keep up. This forms the microcomedone, the beginning of all acne. Taking up to 90 days, it tuns into blackheads or congestion under the skin; or if bacteria is present (which just loves to feed on the dead skin cells and oil), it turns into inflamed pimples or pustules and maybe even cysts.

Acne Bootcamp

Your acne can be controlled through the continued use of Face Reality products and corrective in-clinic treatments. Depending on the severity of your acne, it typically takes 3-4 months to get clear. Many people see a noticeable difference in their acne within the first two months. Our Acne Bootcamp program is perfect for new acne clients looking for a skin transformation. Our Acne Bootcamp has a 97% success rate. During our initial consultation we will evaluate and discuss all possible acne triggers such as: hormones, digestive system, stress levels, diet, medications, cosmetics and lifestyle. Afterward the consultation you will receive an informational packet we call the “Clear Skin Bible” as well as a customized skincare regimen and treatment plan.


Treatments include very mild corrective peels or an acne hydrating treatment which are used to boost your home care and to help with extractions. During your peel you may feel nothing or you may feel a little tingling. You won’t peel but if you do, it will be very mild. We recommend treatments every 2 weeks. 

How Does It Work?

The bootcamp kicks off with an in-depth skin assessment by Marissa, where she’ll go over your skin goals and curate a regimen that’s specifically tailored to you and your skin. Throughout the three months, you’ll have ongoing check-ins and treatments with Marissa to assess your progress and make adjustments as needed along your journey to clear skin. We recommend taking 6 peels in total, every 2 weeks.