Laser Hair Removal

At M Medical Spa, we offer laser hair removal treatments for different areas of the face and body. A series of treatments is recommended to see the highest reduction of hair.  After every treatment, you will begin to see fewer and fewer hairs. Depending on the area of the body, hair is more easily reduced than others, however we cannot guarantee permanent hair removal. Our laser hair removal technology is colorblind so if you are darker skin you do not need to worry about skin discoloration. 

Our laser hair removal treatment prices are based on the area and size. The prices listed below is for a series of 6 treatments that occur once a month. We recommend coming in for a free consultation prior so one of our aestheticans can set up a treatment plan for you. 

Laser Hair Removal Pricing


It does not. Our cutting-edge machine is color blind so you won’t need to worry about the laser damaging your skin color.

We recommend a series of 6 treatments once a month. 

Facial hair, bikini line and back hair for men.

There is no recovery time. You can resume normal activity right after.

People compare it to rubber band snapping on the skin.

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